Sunday, April 26, 2009

Finally, a store that doubles!

Last Sunday I received a flyer for a store that had some really good deals in it, but I wasn't sure that there was one in my area. It did have a website listed so I checked it out. Fred's is a family discount store that doubles coupons (up to $.70 on Saturdays only). Go here to link to their website to see if you have one in your area. The best way I can describe their store is that it reminds me of Big Lots. It has a little bit of everything, clothes, shoes, groceries, home interiors, drug items and it even had a pharmacy.

I did a test run yesterday and here's what I got:

Pedigree Complete dog food (4 lb bag) - $4.59
Used: $1.50 MQ (did not double)
= $3.09

Angel Soft 4 roll toilet paper - $2.00
Used: $.50 MQ (doubled)
= 1.00

2 Domino sugar (4 lb bag) - $1.99 each
Used: $.50 on two MQ (doubled)
= 1.49 each

Oral B Cross Actions toothbrush - $3.99
Used: $1.00 MQ (did not double)
= 2.99

2 Old Spice deodorant - $1.89 each
Used: $1.00 on two MQ (did not double)
= 1.39 each

2 Zantac 75MG 4 count - $1.99 each
Used: 2 $1.50 MQ (did not double)
= .49 each

2 Revlon Color Silk - $2.50 each
Used: $1.00 on two MQ (did not double)
= 2.00 each

There was a bunch of other stuff that was marked down and on clearance but I had one of my kids with me, and this was a trial run so I didn't do too much digging to see what coupons I had to match their reduced items.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheap Deodorant from Target

Target has select varieties of Secret deodorant on sale this week for $4.00.
There is a $2.00 MQ off Secret Flawless or Flawless Touch.
I bought 2 for $4.00. It's like buy one-get one free.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

$2.99 Chicken

This week (again) Winn-Dixie has rotisserie chickens for $4.99. If you go in the evening - around 6:00 p.m. or so, they should have a "coupon sticker" on them for $2.00 off, making it $2.99. Not bad for a whole chicken.

I have done this a few times in the past few weeks and again last night.

If we don't eat it for dinner, I will pull it apart and make chicken salad.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Cheap Pizza Rolls at Winn-Dixie

This week Winn-Dixie has the 15 count Totino's pizza rolls 10 for $10. If you have any $.35 coupons, you can get them for $.65 a piece. It's not free, but it's cheap.

Also, they have Ronzoni pasta BOGO. There was a blinky for $.50 off right on the shelf.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

CVS Trip - 2/20/09

Being that it's Mardi Gras season around here, I got to leave work early yesterday so I took the opportunity to get in some CVS shopping.

I did 3 transactions in 2 different stores. Here's what I got.

Transaction No. 1:
2 Neutrogena soaps
$2.99 each = $5.98
- 2 ECB
Total: $3.98 + tax
Earned 10 ECBs
Transaction No. 2:
4 Diet Coke 12-packs
1 Tylenol
- 4 $1.00 MyCokeRewards coupons
- 10 ECB
Total: $6.00 + tax
Earned 10 ECBs
***I had a small accident bringing the 12-packs to the register as you can tell by the picture.
Transaction No. 3:
2 Wheat Thins
6 Suave Body Washes
1 Suave Kids Shampoo
2 Herbal Essences Conditioners
2 Herbal Essences Stylers
$1.99 x 6
$2.99 x 2
$2.99 x 2
- $2.00 MQ
- $1.50 MQ
- $1.00 MQ
- $1.00 MQ
- $3.00 MQ
- $3.00 MQ
- $1.00 CVS coupon off Shampoo or Conditioner
1 $10 ECBs
Total: $8.40 + tax
Earned: 8 ECBs

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It's official, one of my resolutions for this year is already busted. I wanted to blog more, I had every intention of blogging more, I even gather all my receipts after my shopping trips to blog about them, but alas, it's not working. One reason, I'm not shopping as much. The second reason, as the title of my blog implies, I'm a Working Hard Mom.

Between being a dedicated employee, attentive mom and dutiful housekeeper, blogging has not been a priority (or even on the list of priorities). I'm trying to find my groove so I can do more of the things that I WANT to do in addition to the things I HAVE to do.

I can tell you that the last couple of times I have gone to CVS, I've gotten compliments from the cashiers on the little bit of money I'm spending for the items that I'm purchasing, so I think I'm following the right path with being frugal - at least so far this year.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day

I wanted to share with you an easy treat that I made last year and plan on making again this year for Valentine's Day. I saw this recipe for Santa Hats and modified it. Instead of shaping the meringue into hats, I shaped them into hearts. They came out perfect.

I just made some home made ice cream which called for 8 egg yokes, so now I can use the whites for this.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick trip to CVS

I got an e-mail from CVS for $5/$30 and wanted to put it to good use.

I went through their ad and my coupons to see what I had, since I have a lot of coupons expiring today and came up with a quick trip.

My plan was to get:

2 Gillette Shampoos (4.99 each, earn 3 ECBs) - $2 MQ

1 Gillette Fusion Gamer razor (7.99 each, earn 4 ECBs) - $4 MQ

2 Centrum Cardio (BOGO 50% off, $9.99 & $4.99) - $3 MQ

1 Clairol Nice & Easy (5.99) - $2 MQ

1 Sudafed (6.49) - $1.50 MQ

This would have given me the Gillette shampoos and razor free after coupons and ECBs. However, my CVS didn't have any of the razors so I just left that off of my order, since I still was spending the $30 before coupons. So here's what I got:

I had $5 in ECBs and a $10 gift card to help bring down my OOP.

Total after coupons, ECBs and gift card + tax: $6.41.

I really like the part of the receipt that states:

"Today You Saved 32.50"

The cashier was impressed and said she wants to go shopping with me!

I earned $6 ECBs for my next trip.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More free batteries

I did a quick run to Winn-Dixie yesterday to pick up the milk I forgot and got more Rayovac batteries. I'm out of coupons, so my stash (about 50 packs) should last me a while ... I hope!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Rayovac Batteries

Winn-Dixie has Rayovac batteries on sale this week 10/$10. Match that up with a $1 MQ for some free batteries.

I snagged myself 20 packs today, and still have more coupons. I need to go back to the store and get some milk (the only thing I forgot to get when I was at the store today) and I'll pick up some more!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I'm sticking to my resolution of not buying stuff I don't need, and trying to stick to the blogging resolution (more blogging!) But I have a confession to make... I have an expensive habit! I'm addicted to The Republic of Tea's Daily Green Tea, Honey Ginseng flavor. There I've said it and I feel so much better. It's a little expensive, and no, there are no coupons anywhere for it!

I have been able to find it at World Market at the same price ($9.50) as it is online, but I don't have to pay shipping.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Shopping

Saturday is generally my day to do shopping. Last week I only went to one store, Walmart, because I needed to stock up on some stuff and I had a few coupons that were expiring. I also wanted to see what Christmas stuff Icould get on sale.

My total before coupons was $99.20, after coupons $81.46. Probably more than I should have spent, but I hadn't gone shopping in a couple of weeks. I did get a couple of things for free - 7 lb bag of Iams dog food (coupon from Iams) and Crest Weekly Clean (coupon from Vocalpoint). I also got 2 cans of Progresso soup for $.40 each (priced $1.50 - $1.10 IP).

I got 5 packs of shatterproof ornaments for $.75 each.

Today I didn't want to run around to too many stores, so I did three transactions at 2 different CVS's and 1 Walgreens.

The only reason I did the 2 CVS trips was because I had a coupon that I received in the mail from CVS for $4.00 off 2 Theraflu. Unfortunately, I didn't read the coupon carefully enough at home because I thought it was $4.00 off of 1 but noticed that it was for 2 at the store. I knew that there was another CVS close to the Walgreens, so I stopped by my house and grabbed another coupon I had at home.

CVS Trip #1:

2 Febreze candles ($3.99 - $2 MQ) These were fillers. *Regularly $7.99
1 Huggies Pull-Ups ($9.49 - $2 MQ)
1 CVS Fabric Softener ($3.99) - This was a filler.
3 Johnson & Johnston First Aid Kits ($.99 x 3 - $3/2 MQ) - FREE (coupon was adjusted down to $2.97)

Used: ECBs $7.29 and $7.50

Total: $1.54
Paid using gift card from MyPoints

Total OOP: Zero! Balance on gift card: $1.97

Save $3 on $15 Cosmetics Purchase
Save $1.50 on any Viologie Hair Care
Save $3 on Photo Calendars - order at photo counter
Save $1 on Advil Cold & Sinus 20 ct.

ECBs earned:

CVS Trip #2:

2 Theraflu caplets (2/$10 - $4 CVS coupon - $2 IP - $1.50 MQ)

Total: $3.04
Paid with gift card: $1.97

Total OOP: $1.07

$1,000 survey

ECBs earned:

Walgreens Trip:

2 Reynolds Wrap ($.99 weekly saver price)
2 Quaker Oatmeal ($1.99 weekly saver price - $1 MQ)
2 Softsoap ($.99 weekly saver price - $.50 MQ)
2 Splenda with fiber ($4.29 - $.55 MQ) *These were not included in the weekly saver price
1 Splenda granulated ($2.99 weekly saver price - $.55)
2 Arm & Hammer laundry detergent ($6.99 BOGO)
2 Electrasol Gel Tabs ($3.49 - $2.50 MQ) *Earns $1.50 Easy Saver Rebate*
2 Hunts Tomato sause (3/$1 weekly saver price)

Total OOP: $26.92

WAG Coupon Savings: 10.83
WAG Advertised Savings: 11.99
MFG Coupon Savings: 9.65

Since the amount I paid is less than the amount of savings, I'm gonna call it a good shopping trip!

I also got a MQ redeemable at Walgreens for $2 off three (3) packages of Quaker Instant Oatmeal or Quaker Old Fashioned or Quick Oats.