Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick trip to CVS

I got an e-mail from CVS for $5/$30 and wanted to put it to good use.

I went through their ad and my coupons to see what I had, since I have a lot of coupons expiring today and came up with a quick trip.

My plan was to get:

2 Gillette Shampoos (4.99 each, earn 3 ECBs) - $2 MQ

1 Gillette Fusion Gamer razor (7.99 each, earn 4 ECBs) - $4 MQ

2 Centrum Cardio (BOGO 50% off, $9.99 & $4.99) - $3 MQ

1 Clairol Nice & Easy (5.99) - $2 MQ

1 Sudafed (6.49) - $1.50 MQ

This would have given me the Gillette shampoos and razor free after coupons and ECBs. However, my CVS didn't have any of the razors so I just left that off of my order, since I still was spending the $30 before coupons. So here's what I got:

I had $5 in ECBs and a $10 gift card to help bring down my OOP.

Total after coupons, ECBs and gift card + tax: $6.41.

I really like the part of the receipt that states:

"Today You Saved 32.50"

The cashier was impressed and said she wants to go shopping with me!

I earned $6 ECBs for my next trip.

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