Friday, November 14, 2008

Target Shopping Trip

This week's sales flyer had the Scrubbing Bubbles shower spayer on sale for $14.99. The ones my store had were a bonus back that included a "caddy" or shelf to put shampoo, etc.

I had still had the IP coupons from a few weeks ago for $10.00 off and they expired today, so my cost was $4.99. I bought two.

I need paper towels and since they don't go on sale very often, I bought 2 rolls of the Bounty Basics ($.99 minus $.29 MQ) for $.75. I bought two of these also.

The last thing I bought was Pictureka (a board game). It was on sale this week for $15.00, minus the $5.00 Target coupon = $10.00.

Total OOP: $25.13 including tax
Total savings in coupons: $25.50

I had yet another "difficult" check out. I had to have the "one per purchase" discussion with the cashier. The best part was that none of my coupons beeped and none of them had to be pushed through.

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