Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Budget Shopping

I have put myself on a VERY strict budget (which includes DH, 4yo, 12yo & pets). I am only buying what is absolutely necessary.

That being said, you may not thing that the things I purchased yesterday as absolutely necessary, but...


I was browsing through the Big Lots thread at Hot Coupon World and saw that they had underwear for $2.00. It is a 3 pack of Hanes little girl underpants size 4T which we desperately needs because 1) 4yo is going to a sleep over camp next week and I will need to send extras because she still has "accidents" and 2) our dog is a magician and can find little girl underpants and chew them up without me even knowing how he got them.

Total spent: $2.18 including tax


Since 4yo was accepted into "big" school, I hadn't even started supply shopping for her. I have almost all of 12yo's supplies, but I still have a few things to get and I'm meticulously scouring the weekly adds to see what's on sale so I can get everything at a reduced price.

4 transparent pocket folders - $.01/each
4 packs of 150 count loose leaf filler paper - $.15/each

Total spent: $.70 including tax


While I was on the Hot Coupon World website, I saw that Target had shoes on clearance. 4yo NEEDS (and I mean NEEDS!!!) shoes for school. I found a cute pair of little tennis shoes for under $4.00.

Total spent: $4.00 + tax

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